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British Middle East Corporation


BMEC’s management, together with that of its partners and associates, has both a broad and in-depth spectrum

of expertise, with members having senior management experience (Chairperson, CEO’s, CFO’s and COO’s),

in such industries or disciplines as Banking, Finance, Import/Export, Insurance, Logistics, Marketing,

Merchant Services, Transportation and Tourism.

British Middle East Corporation is a private company based in London in the UK, and has both international presence

and representatives throughout the globe. BMEC works predominantly but not exclusively with clients throughout

the Middle East and provides comprehensively within the commodities sector in various capacities, be it

Merchant Services, Commodity Agents, Brokers and/or Traders.


Now a part of a leading group, BMEC also has several J/V agreements in place to help facilitate its business and its

own infrastructure, and supported by that of its group capabilities, assist the various partners on Commodity transactions and related activities, including helping with such as financial, operational and logistical issues.


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